#NewMusic: Barima Pages “Song For Women EP”

Barima Pages

New EP from Barima Pages, titled Songs for Women.

After releasing Get There produced by Kwame Beatz, the young singer and rapper Barima Pages, is back 3 weeks later after jumping in the recording studio to bring us his new EP Song For Women featuring Ghanaian natives Klu and Khodjo24Seven.  

Track 1: 

“Superman” ft Klu : its about a man tryna woo a girl saying “I’ll be your superman” sang by Barima Pages and rap performed by Klu

Track 2: 

“For My Mama”: a song obviously dedicated to my mum. She’s the most important lady in my life. I love her so much and I decided to express my feelings for her in a song.

Track 3:

“Tonight” (Night Time Life) ft Khodjo24seven: its about a dude in a club with a girl having so much fun and forgetting about everything else. The whole song was written by Khodjo24seven . Its actually a song on his project I featured on. I decided to add it to this EP because Its a beautiful love song

Track 4:

“Thinking About You”: A Love song I wrote at dawn one time. I was thinking about my girlfriend and I decided to put my feelings into a song

Track 5:

“It Girl”: a cover version of Jason Derulo’s “It Girl” I’ve finally found the girl I truly love and this song is dedicated to her. For the 1st time, I actually mentioned a girl’s name in my song.

Follow Barima Pages On Twitter Here…@BarimaPages


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